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Latest update for Wikipedia Costa Blanca criminal

BRIAN CHARRINGTON, the “Wikipedia” criminal, was sent down for 15 years and six months by Alicante’s Provincial High Court.

The 61-year-old British drug trafficker was arrested in his Calpe home, described as a “fortress”, in 2013.  He was charged with smuggling cocaine worth €192 million into Spain via Altea on a yacht sailing under false papers.

The police seized assets totalling €5 million, which included a dozen luxury properties, top-of-the-range vehicles, six boats and bank accounts.

Originally from Teeside, Charrington was on Europe’s most wanted list and operating out of the Costa Blanca at the time of his arrest, despite his protestations that he was a law-abiding real estate agent “who paid his taxes.”

Charrington was said to have regularly updated his Wikepedia entry, detailing his origins as a car dealer before founding a criminal empire with links to Spain, France, Germany and Austria as well as the US and Latin America.

Having previously been imprisoned in France and Germany, he was found guilty by the Alicante court of offences against public health and money laundering, and ordered to pay fines totalling more than €31.2 million.

His son, Ray Charrington, arrested in Albir, received a 42-month sentence for money-laundering and two of his father’s aides received 10 and 12-year sentences for criminal association.

Brian Charrington’s partner Isabell Danielle Lydie Robert, already serving a nine-year term for drug trafficking, together with four other defendants, was acquitted.

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