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Mountain rescue on the Costa del Sol

FIREFIGHTERS have rescued two young people from mountains near to Marbella after they got lost while hiking last Sunday.

Emergency Services said the two walkers, both foreigners, called them in the evening after they lost their way in the Sierra Blanca mountain range.

The walkers had arrived at the Nagueles Quarry on a motorcycle at around 6pm. They set off walking from there but became lost once the sun had set.

They were not wearing warm clothes and lacked provisions, emergency services said.

Firefighters put their mountain rescue protocol into action after the hikers told them they had gotten lost.

Emergency services personnel used GPS tracking to help locate them. They were eventually able to find them using torches and through sound signals.

Firefighters found the hikers visibly cold but in good health. Mountain rescue gave them drinks, food and blankets and emergency services said they did not require medical assistance.

The hikers were returned to their parked motorcycle in the Nagueles Quarry at around midnight.

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