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New Costa hospital receives €9 million of funding and nears completion

ESTEPONA council has already paid €9 million towards the construction of the state-of-the-art hospital in the west of the town, which has a budget of €15 million.

This week the council paid its latest instalment of €1.3 million, which will cover the purchase of sanitary equipment.

So far, the foundation and structure of the building has been completed, and now the focus moves towards the exterior.

This includes the car parks, landscaping, while the helipad is already finished.

As part of the project, the council wants to create 10,000 sqm of green areas surrounding the hospital.

Mayor of Estepona, Jose Maria Garcia Urbano, said:

“The construction of this hospital is already a reality, which will mean a great leap in quality in the services that citizens receive, and therefore, an improvement in their quality of life.”

The works, which began in June 2017, are being fully funded by Estepona council, while the Junta de Andalucia will assume the costs of the hospital’s ongoing maintenance.

Once it is up and running, the hospital will have the capacity to cater for around 80 per cent of residents in the area, who currently rely on the Costa del Sol Hospital.

This will amount to approximately 85,000 consultations, 91,000 emergency treatments and 4,000 operations every year.

The modern and technologically advanced hospital is likely to be a benchmark for the province, improving healthcare in a range of areas, as well as reducing waiting times and hospital stays.


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