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SAVED: 56 Dogs found in poor state on the Costa Blanca

A LARGE number of dogs have been rescued and taken into care after they were discovered to be part of an alleged illegal animal breeding operation in Alicante.

A total of 56 dogs – many of which were discovered to be blind, with tumours and had suffered various amputations – are now being looked after by the authorities but new homes are being sought for them.

The 56-year-old female owner of the apartment where the dogs were kept in the most appalling conditions was arrested.

At the same time, the authorities are trying to determine if the home was being used as an illegal breeding establishment as, when the woman was arrested and the dogs were being rounded up, she asked the police not to take some of the puppies as “they had already been sold.”

The vet at the Animal Shelter where the dogs were taken, Pablo Sentana Gadea, said that “they are malnourished, are full of parasites, have tumours, long claws, and some showing signs that they’ve never seen sunlight.  Five of them are pregnant.”

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