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Speed reductions will be applied to 2,000km of Costa Blanca roads from January

THE Spanish Traffic Department (DGT) has announced that it will be lowering the speed across 2,000 kilometres of roads across the Alicante Province.

The reduction from 100kph to 90kph across secondary roads is part of a package of measures that will be implemented in January 2019 with the aim of curbing the amount of deaths.

According to the latest data from the DGT, in 2016 a total of 947 traffic accidents were recorded across the Alicante Province in which there were 27 fatalities, 91 serious injuries and 1,330 minor.  The number of deaths shows no sign of slowing down as in 2013 there were 17.

The Director General of Traffic, Pere Navarro, said that “we know where people are killed on our roads and all studies indicate that to lower the accident rate we must reduce speed and enforce the limits that are set.”

The limits will not only affect cars and motorbikes, since vans, buses and trucks will also have to reduce their speed from 90kph to 80kph when the Royal Decree comes into effect.

It was also announced that the speed limit signs could be amended using adhesive metal plates, and similar what was implemented back in 2011 when the then PSOE Government reduced limits from 120kph to 110kpm as an energy saving measure…which lasted for four months.

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