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Volunteer workshop on the Costa del Sol deals with workplace fears

MIJAS council hosted the last of a series of workshops last Monday which saw volunteers learning personal development skills for everyday life.

The workshop for Mijas’ volunteer corps was held at the council’s employment department building. Laura Moreno, the council’s volunteering spokesperson, said the session was aimed at giving participants the tools they needed to improve the care they give to those they work with.

“Volunteers are often confronted with the fears of the people they serve and even their own fears. It is very important therefore that they know how to face such fears and how to manage them.

“The aim of these workshops is to give the volunteers techniques they can use in their everyday lives,” Moreno said.

The workshop saw participants taught fear management techniques by Esther Mesa, a professional lecturer on such issues.

Mesa said it was important to teach such skills to volunteers because they had to face fearful situations daily.

“We are faced with many things that make us feel insecure in our daily lives, both personal and professional, and we must know how to face them.

“We may be afraid in numerous situations, such as facing the public, illness, death and so on. It is precisely the voluntary groups and associations that, in their dedication, face both their own problems and those of others,” Mesa said.

Several more events have been organised in the run up to Volunteer Day on December 5. These include food collection training days on November 30 and December 1.

The volunteer corps that attended the sessions included members of the Spanish Association against Cancer, School Step Volunteers, the Association of the Relatives of Alzheimer’s patients and the Red Cross.

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