You’re never too old . . .

THEORETICALLY when we reach a certain age, our sense of adventure wanes, and there is nothing much to look forward to each week other than a visit to the Kashmir Palace or a day out in Cartagena.

We are supposed to surrender to the inevitability of a burgeoning waist line (or relaxed muscle as some prefer to call it), and clothing should reflect our advancing years.

‘You should dress your age and get your hair cut’, are two remarks I am familiar with. Although I have to say that I smile whenever I see a fellow wrinkly creeping along with a walking stick and wearing track suit bottoms and running shoes.

But life is not a theory. Whether aged 25 or 75, our existence is equally valid and there is no reason why we Golden Agers should not still have ambitions and dreams for the future.

‘You are never too old for another adventure’, is a sentiment that I embrace, and having recently finished directing a production of Calendar Girls, I am wondering what I can find to involve myself with next that will pose a suitable challenge.

And if you think that directing a play is not particularly adventurous, let me put it this way: having been involved with amateur theatre for over 30 years, this production was the most ambitious I have had the pleasure of being involved with.

To experience packed houses and see the cast receiving standing ovations from the audience for a job well done, were my best moments in those three plus decades.

So what’s next? Ironically my biggest lifetime ambition – to give my daughter away on her wedding day – will never come to pass. That happened many years ago, and I was passed over for someone deemed to be more suitable.

And my second – to be best man at a wedding – is hardly likely now. These days I attend more funerals than weddings, and the odds are stacked against any of my divorced acquaintances getting hitched again.

I was always in the wrong place at the wrong time when my best friends decided to get married in the past.

I’ve thought that walking the South West Coastal Path in England would be a blast, but stretching through four counties and 630 miles, it would necessitate being away for a few days and the Princess would not like that.

We have always fancied hiring a camper and touring around New Zealand too, but that will depend on the cost.

So I think for now I shall endeavour to finish the book that lies unfinished in my Word files, and give some serious thought as to what the next adventure will be.

Getting it published perhaps?


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