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10 best WTF’s this week

We are all under social pressure under lock down, and the crisis is affecting everyone differently. However, WTF are all these about LOL. 10 best WTF’s for me

Here goes with 10 best WTF’s

Weird tastes.

Cat Shit Coffee at €80 a cup. The Indonesian Civet cats diet consists of coffee cherries. A specialty coffee is available made from their faeces (Shit) It is cleaned and then roasted to give a distinct rich, mellow flavour apparently. Sold online and at specialty Coffee shops. WTF! Not tried it myself personally and probably never will.

10 best
The Civet Cat

Dumb Questions – Actual questions on search engines!

Why are the holes in cats fur, always in the right place for their eyes?

Odd Laws

Juneau, Alaska, Flamingo owners are prohibited from taking their pet flamingo into barber shops.

Hawaii:  You can only have one drink in front of you at one time.

South Dakota: It is illegal to fall asleep in a cheese factory.

Mad Million Dollar Inventions

The Smiley face. Sold as an icon image for 45 dollars, bought by Bernard and Murray Spain. Marketed worldwide and sold for 500 million dollars.

Slinky spring thing Generated 250 million dollars in sales.

iPhone Fart App Generated 400,000 dollars in downloads

iPhone fart App
iPhone fart App

Dumb Crooks

Two men from Skegness, Lincolnshire, who took selfies of themselves stealing thousands of pounds from gambling machines….  Surprise…  have been caught!

Just Dumb

An Afghan Taliban commander gave himself up – and then tried to claim the $100 reward for his capture.

Stupid Questions from the public

Standing on the street in front of a supermarket with a shopping trolley in tow, behind 20 other shoppers. Why does someone always come behind you and ask “Are you in the queue?”
WTF! No, I was just passing when my newly fitted hyper bearings on my trolley seized up due to lack of proper lubrication, and now I’m stuck here waiting for a mechanic to turn up.!

World News WTF’s:

An American protester stood with banner in hand protesting that the coronavirus is fake, a conspiracy to put down the American workers and the economy… Dressed head to toe in PPE looking like a bloody deep sea diver?

It’s all a Conspiracy!

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