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An English man in Spain

As an English man living in Spain I am so proud of the Spanish Government for taking immediate control of this crisis.

As an English Man I am proud of Spain for being Decisive and for enforcing immediate rules that kept me and my friends safe.
I Am proud to watch Thousands of people of all races clapping and cheering from terraces every night and abiding by the rules of the land and STAYING HOME.
I am Proud of all the front line workers, Doctors and nurses and shop staff.
Proud that nobody seems to be hoarding and there is plenty of stock on supermarket shelves.
Proud that when they extended the lock down by another 3 weeks today there was no Uproar….. no protests nobody screaming about human rights.

Three weeks ago i challenged a man on Facebook who called Spain a Third World Country and said “This would NEVER happen in the UK”, He was right to a certain extent. Spain is a lot poorer than the UK but I have never known a nation come together like Spain has. From day One nobody threw tantrums, ignored the rules (With the exception of some British Tourists in Benidorm)

Nobody was out Spitting at Police or Trashing Ambulances
Everybody here is coping and going about their lives as best they can. Community spirit is everywhere
I only wish that my family in the UK were here with me now because we may not live in a country as advanced or politically correct as the UK but when the shit hits the fan the Spanish authorities did what they had to do WHEN they had to do it.

I am both Proud and Lucky to Live here, I only hope that the UK Government takes their head out of their ass and follows suit.

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  1. The Spanish Government reacted quickly after seening what was happening in Italy, even though this Virus had apparently been around for various weeks without out us realising it. As a Country we were not prepared, but who could be? The lack of equipment to combat Covid-19 led to so many unnecessary death especially in retirement homes and amongst the elderly but out wonderful doctors, nurses and ancillary staff have worked in the most inhuman conditions to save lives and hopefully the turning point has been reached and the Virus controlled so we can gradually return to “normal” life. People who live in Spain love this Country and will do what it takes to return to their previous way of life, it will be difficult with so much unemployment looming and closed businesses but people will not give up hope, nor should they.

  2. As a Scottish man living in Spain for almost 25 years, I wholeheatedly agree with these comments from my English compatriot! No hysteria from the public but lots of community spirit. What’s more important? Keeping the population healthy, or losing so-called “rights” to go surfing, partying and socialising? Spain got it right and I’m proud to live here.

  3. Well said. Total agreement. My husband and i came here to start a restaurant in benelmadena all.paperwork was finalized and due to collect keys on 16th March. Then bam 14th march Lockdown. We angonized on weather returning to uk but decided we were safer here and not to put our families uk at risk. Spainish have made us welcome and i the spainish government looking after us. The community spirit is wonderful. So yes we made the right decision to stay safe and will see this through and hope to open our place when it is safe to do so. Please uk take on board the atmosphere here. We will get through it if we will stick.together on this. I sure as hell want to see my family and friends and everyone here come together.
    Stay safe and stay at home x

  4. We live in Denia and have seen how disciplined and respectful of the lockdown rules people have been and sanity has prevailed at the supermarkets with the shelves full and people not hoarding.

  5. That’s why I was moving to Spain on the 15 th of March love the place but as you well know that’s when lock down came in so now waiting for things to change .Hope everybody and everything is ok with you all my love Ian. STAY SAFE

  6. We live in England and have a holiday home in Benimar, Alicante province. We came for a three week break and two days later lockdown was imposed. When our sons contacted us and asked if we would be retuning as soon as possible. My husband and I had already discussed this, and agreed we feel safer here. When we see the news on TVs and compare the way Spain has put strict lockdown rules in place and the Spanish have accepted the situation; we compare it with what is happening in England, and realise we really made the correct decision.

  7. I totally agree with all you have said. I live in a town in Andalucia inland from the coast. We have a very multinational community with Brits, Morrocans, eastern Europeans and Scandinavians. Our Spanish neighbours are very friendly and helpful. I am impressed how all the communities have responded. Our local Catholic Church are making deliveries to poor households (a lot of which are not Spanish, and not even Chtistian) so well done! Stay Safe.

  8. Great article, well written and I agree 100% with what you say. Our situation is very similar to yours and I so wish my family and friends in the UK could be with me during this time, I would certainly be far less concerned about them over here. Best wishes and stay safe.

    1. Lucky you, we are in the UK but have a property in Spain we were due to visit…I’d far rather be in Spain than here where I feel lockdown is far too lax and people seem to only think of themselves, balking at the mere thought of not being able to go out for a walk (when usually they never do anyway!) and not caring how easily their long walks, cycle rides or jogs can spread the virus or possibly put themselves at risk of catching it when going to the next road, village or town. Stay home, make everyone safe!

      1. We live in a little village called Dolores, Alicante. Everything that has been said is spot on. Community spirit is wonderful. Everyone in our village has been given a mask. We are constantly kept up to date. Well done Spain

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