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Anybody there? By Kenny Corris

Kenny Corris
Kenny Corris

It is no secret that the dead try to communicate to us. I am not alone in saying that I have spent a large chunk of my life proving this, and providing survival evidence being, as I am, the middle man between the living energies of the here and now, and the Spirit World, where, also, there are those who wish to make communication with us here on Earth.

Many who have experienced direct contact with Spirit are inspired to believe in the immortality of the soul and know, without a doubt, the ability of the dead to speak to us each and every way that they can. To attract our attention they use a variety of methods, and these are very effective and register well in our psyche. The flashing of lights and the intervention in our dreams provide portents that can and do effectively establish a great connection. The process is two sided, although the action can be started on each side. Spirit know that they can send messages that we will pick up in our dreams, and that they can plant a suggestion within us that seeks to make that vital contact between the living and the dead.

The dialogue is the amazing part. What is said and done and talked about is highly essential in the reverse process of allowing the dead to speak, and to for doing what we do. We all sail through life making conscious choices and establishing a answer them with clear intention that they may better understand our reasons communication between ourselves and the World we occupy. Then when loved ones finally make their transition to another World it is only natural that we question their ability to continue in talking to us. Fear can enter at this time and stops the spiritual communication process dead in its tracks. The concept of dead people wishing to communicate becomes especially scary for some, when they feel that death has been the finality of life, bringing a silence that forms a barrier and an eternal seal of peace.

Many have told me that the dead should not be disturbed, but what if they make the first move? They often do just that, provoking or promoting a process of communication that can be heard and treasured and that can start a process of spiritual discovery in which experiences through love and light anyone’s consciousness if they have an open mind, and though you do not have to believe in the process, it does work and if you have faith it can work even better. Otherwise I have been talking to myself for the last forty nine years!

I also have to conduct a system of contact when there has been no other previous contact with Spirit. This is a request to make a call directly through to the call centre of the Spirit World with a need to contact when no previous evidence of survival has been received. With love and a touch of expertise the calling card is sent, and in this direction it is quite amazing the response received. Many inhabitants of the Spirit World become very adapt and begin to realise that they can reach a captive audience here on Earth if they play their cards right and learn the technique of direct contact through a Medium or a Clairvoyant. Very often too they can learn to communicate directly with loved ones, who do not realise the skills they have, and who experience subsequently a genuine aptitude to speak to inhabitants of the Other Side.

Being a part of this communication process has been a wonderful way of working, and my personal devotion to my work has opened many people to experiencing a wonderful connection with Spirit.

I have never ever said, “Is there anybody there?” I like to think that I have always known that the answer is, for me, that I have almost always already known someone is there, and just waiting, and wanting, to come through!

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