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Benidorm Bars Likely To Open In June Under Strict Conditions

Benidorm’s bars are set to open in June as Spain attempts to reboot tourism  although strict conditions will apply

The empty dormant bars of Benidorm welcomed the news today that under strict conditions they are likely to be able to resume serving drinks and refreshments by June.

Spain’s President of the hospitality industry said today June is the month that she has planned although bars and restaurants will have to endure complicated regulations.

The regulations to be enforced if bars and restaurants in Benidorm wish to reopen are that they will have to use thermal imaging via cameras to detect anybody that has a fever and refuse them entry to the establishment.

Regards social distancing measures, these will also have to be applied, tables and chairs will have to be spaced out.

In regards to cleanliness, bars and restaurants will have to establish to the authorities they apply disinfectant hydrogels and provide three times a day extreme cleaning methods to ensure total areas remain virus-free at all times.

The news comes as a welcome relief to Benidorm’s bar and restaurant owners after being closed for such a long period and missing out on thousands of euros in trade.

Mike Morris who operates the Bluebirds bar told the RTN:

“It’s very positive and welcoming news, that’s for sure, works going to be even tougher with these regulations if they bear fruit from the Tourism minister and I really do hope they do, but at least we will be able to get our doors open and hopefully the till ringing again which has to be the main priority.  I haven’t heard anything official yet apart from the minister’s speech but hopefully, something will come through from my solicitors or accountant shortly and we can start preparing”

Ray Stewart who works in a Benidorm bar wasn’t so delighted but did express he will be able to get back to work ” Crikey sounds a lot of hard work all that, going to be hard for us especially as we are a mid-sized bar working in a tightish space, although the gaffer is going to be happy I’m sure if we can reopen up, it will actually be nice to get back to work even though it sounds like it is going to be a slog and a half”




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3 Replies to “Benidorm Bars Likely To Open In June Under Strict Conditions

  1. Great for all Spanish bars with local tourism, but as long as British tourists can’t enter Spain, and no more ERTE (unemployment payment by the government) that pays you’re staff will be equal to bankruptcy for a lot of small expat businesses.

    My guess is most of the bars in the English area of Benidorm will be close to bankruptcy in September.

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