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Benidorm City Council provide Rapid coronavirus testing to essential personnel.

Benidorm City council yesterday (Monday 20th April) began a rapid testing program for workers.

Benidorm City Council is to provide upto 600 tests this week, overseen by the IMED Levante hospital.
So now test results are available after just 30 minutes, with results emailed to the person tested.

Benidorm City Council Rapid testing
Benidorm City Council Rapid testing

There are three projected phases to the operation:

  • Phase I
  • Security forces, Civil Protection and Essential Services
  • Phase II
  • Volunteers of the Collective aid network and municipal staff who deal face to face with the public.
  • Phase III
  • Additional council workers and by application, companies allowed to work under the state of of alarm,

However, if a positive result is shown, then the standard public health protocols would be applied with the person self isolating.

Because Spanish coronavirsu related fatalities are now over 20,000, this new project will provide municipal staff a better sense of personal safety for.

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