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Benidorm Deborah Slaughtered By Locals Despite Only Being About 10 Years Old As They Call For Her Arrest

“Benidorm Deborah” as she calls herself on You Tube gets slaughtered by Benidorm residents for making 40 daily videos and posting them as she blatantly flouts the state of emergency.

Benidorm News: Kids today use and follow You Tube more than any other medium as they watch other kids around the world make millions from making videos and presenting on the channel owned by google.

Although “Benidorm Deborah” seems to have upset the residents of Benidorm as she makes daily videos around Benidorm whilst it sits on lockdown.

The young presenter of the show who looks around 9/10 years old is now on her 40th video and appears to take to the streets each day flouting the state of emergency laws which has seriously cheesed off Benidorm residents stuck in their properties obeying the current laws, many of the videos see her taking to the streets and walking down to the sea.

Neil Mitchell contacted the RTN to say “Who the hell does she think she is, here we are locked in basically and there’s this kid taking the pi$$ going around filming everything for 40 days, I get warned by the cops for walking my dog more ¬†than a 100 yards and this kid gets away with it everyday, she should be forced to stop like everybody else”

Shaun Cousins is another not best pleased” I searched Benidorm whilst bored on lockdown and up popped these 40 videos on you tube, someones having laugh here surely, how’s she getting away with it? where’s the cops? she should be stopped and fined like everyone else, I get checked and stopped even going to the fag shop!”

” there she is filming outside the fag shop and nobody even questioning how and why, why should she be able to get away with flouting?” Shaun further said.

Mary Thomas asked where the parents are and where’s their social responsibility:

“Where’s the parents in all this, 40 days of constant flouting to present a You Tube channel, did Mr Sanchez section this? I didn’t see it! – the parents need a knock on the door from the police, they must be behind this”

” Arrest her like any other blatant flouter and her parents” said Lisa Lamerton

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