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Benidorm Holiday Bookings ROCKET overnight after Spain’s Prime Ministers Speech

Holidays to Spain’s Benidorm rocketed in bookings with travel agents after Sanchez, Spain’s Prime Minister started to unlock Spain in his latest speech.

Benidorm Holiday Bookings: Yesterday evening saw Prime Minister Sanchez announce his plans to a gradual release from the state of emergency regulations.  This brought about a surge of bookings with travel agents for Benidorm from the UK, with sales up 49% for one travel agency.

Robert Scott from Hayes travel international told the RTN Newspaper this morning of the position with the Benidorm bookings:

” After the speech was revealed across the UK news channels, a surge of bookings came in for Britain’s favourite holiday in the sun, Benidorm.  Much of the traffic was from returning customers who had their holidays on hold in their shopping carts, once the news hit the TV screens in came the booking orders”

” Our website analytics supplied by google saw an increase of 49% for Benidorm package holidays”

” This morning is vibrant too and the figures are looking good again. I think an extra boost of the weather. News of it going to be raining for weeks on end here in the UK also assisted. As the heat wave quickly ended, a mixture of tasting the sun and now weeks of rain made clients think. Most of the bookings are for the first week of August but we have many for July” said Robert.

Hopefully this a positive sign for much needed business in Benidorm after a lengthy period of closure. It was welcoming news for bar owner Mick Wilson who told the RTN:

“That’s very reassuring indeed we need all the pending trade that we can get. I’m looking forward to greeting as many holiday makers to Benidorm as possible, thanks RTN for the heads up”


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