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Benidorm holiday cancellations grow by the day as travel agents count the losses

Travel Agents are counting the heavy losses of cancellations to holiday hotspot Benidorm


Whilst at first it seemed that holidaymakers would soon flock back to Benidorm the number one selling holiday package to Spain for travel agents, it now looks like it could be a summer season of misery for the businesses of Benidorm that rely on the tourism trade.

According to holiday agents despite the coronavirus out break firstly in Spain and then moving on to the UK bookings for the Brits most popular Spanish holiday destination were upbeat but since the crisis has lengthened out and still no set dates of reality returning to normal in Benidorm as the town remains closed travel agents are now stating those who have booked are now cancelling and losing their deposits or switching to another destination outside Spain.

Travel agent Jenny Summers from Hayes Travel told the RTN:

“Yes its unfortunate but with no light at the end of the tunnel in Benidorm and with the British government likely to start relaxing UK lockdown in just 3 weeks time, customers want to know where they stand and so with no information available to give them, they are selecting different destinations which we allow them to transfer to, If only the Spanish government gave a good indication then I feel the customers would hold on, but they aren’t with no details coming through.”

Local bar owner Kevin Davies in Benidorm said “Its a shame to hear this, but i can understand the customers viewpoint, a lot of my regular visitors are asking me the same thing and I have nothing to tell them at all of when i can reopen or in fact the town will have some life again, It’s going to be a tough summer that’s for sure!”


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