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Benidorm’s Mayor pushes to actively participate in State Protection Plan for the Tourism Sector

Benidorm’s Mayor, Toni Perez will shortly be proposing to support and be an active part in the State Protection Plan for the Tourism Sector.

Benidorm's Mayor
Benidorm City Council

Benidorm’s Mayor, Toni Perez will be recommending The Benidorm City Council should support the Special Protection System for the Tourism Sector proposed to the Government by the hospitality association HOSBEC.

Figures show that 175,000 Million Euros a year is the value of tourism to the Spanish economy. This is nearly 15% of the countries GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

2,800,000 jobs rely on tourism within Spain, within the hospitality sector.
The plans aim is to support the industry to overcome the current coronavirus outbreak that is crippling Tourism in Spain and all over the world.

”   Toni Pérez stated “the tourism industry faces a few tough months until the unprecedented crisis situation caused by Covid 19 reverses. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt concrete measures that allow them to survive this situation, saving with it the productive fabric and employment    ”

This situation is the worst to affect the tourism industry ever in Spain. This recession could last between 6 and 12 months depending on world wide events and travel restrictions.

“Unfortunately,” I added, “the Covid19 crisis has led Tourism to the worst known situation since its birth, and the recovery can be long since every day more doubts arise about whether tourism activity can be compatible with the virus.” In fact, “the sector estimates that there will be a period of continuous productive drought that can last between 6 and 12 months depending on the tourist product and the destination.”

”   Toni Pérez stated that “it is essential that tourism companies and workers, a sector so strategic and vital for the economy and the well-being of citizens, have a special protection system that allows them to survive that period of productive drought in order to continue generating wealth and jobs in the future    ”

For Employers, it is being recommended that the ERTE payments are extended for 12 months, and reductions in Seguridad Social payments to help assist in workers job security during and after the crisis.

Also proposed are reductions in Taxes, and deferral schemes for loans and mortgages for 12 months.

”   The mayor said “not implementing a Plan of this nature represents serious risks such as the destruction of the productive fabric and leaving our greatest asset in the hands of foreign investment funds at a price of balance.” “We have to protect companies and workers in the sector, and we must avoid the destruction of our industry   ”

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