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Benidorm’s Terra Natura (Nature and Animal Park) on Costa Blanca announce birth of 4 Stork chicks

Benidorm’s Terra Natura have announced the birth of 4 baby Stork Chicks at the center.

Last Friday 4 baby storks were born to resident Storks at Benidorm’s Terra Natura . The Storks have been there since 2006. The center currently has a total of 4 adult storks on site.

Benidorm’s Terra Natura Baby Storks

Storks are unusual in that they are totally monogamous throughout their life span. The nests they build they try to stay in for life, adding to them each year. Nests of one tonne in weight have been reported!

Many Storks end up in sanctuaries due to injuries caused by power lines and land fill hazards.

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