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Birmingham Nightingale Hospital has not treated a single patient

The 4,000 patient temporary hospital in Birmingham has not had to treat a single patient yet.

An NHS spokesman said the sites were intended as a back-up if hospitals lacked the capacity to take Covid-19 patients.

Birmingham Nightingale Hospital: Andy Street, West Midlands Mayor is happy to announce that so far the giant 75,000 square feet “Pop up” hospital has not had to treat anyone yet. Constructed in just 8 days at the NEC centre, for overflow capacity aiding local hospitals.

At a cost of millions of pounds it is thought now that it may never be used.

Birmingham NHS trust spokesman Dr David Rosser said. “they are  ‘proud of getting it up and running but… and proud of the fact that we didn’t need to use it’.

Local hospitals through cancellation of routine and non essential operations have created extra space for coronavirus related patients. Thus avoiding the use of the extra 4,000 bed Nightingale.

There are currently seven of these hospitals around the country at various stages of completion.

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