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Britain’s Mood Improves Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

A YouGov survey has found that Britain’s Mood has improved, despite the stresses of the coronavirus lockdown.

Yet the public opinion data company’s mood tracker, found that people were still way off from normal levels of happiness.

Prior to the virus’ outbreak, on average 50% said happiness was the most common mood felt on any given week.

This plummeted to just 25% on 23 March, the same day that Boris Johnson announced strict lockdown measures.

Happiness Levels Rise Again

Since the realities of lockdown began to effect day to day lives, the mood of people has bounced back.

YouGov’s  found that 38% of people are now back to feeling happy again.

Stress Levels Rise in Lockdown

During the first three weeks of the lockdown period, many struggled to cope as stress was the nations primary emotion.

Overall between 45% and 50% said that they felt the strain of lives with the coronavirus pandemic.

As the weeks of lockdown wore on, stress was gradually replaced with frustration.

Bored Brits on The Rise

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many are feeling bored during lockdown, as everyday life is closed off.

The number of bored Brits rose from 19% on 23 March, up to 34% by 30 March.

Over the ensuing three weeks, boredom levels appear to have plateaued.

The level of bored respondents has remained static, with between 38% and 40% saying they were lockdown weary.

Brits Less Fearful

The British public though now say they are less scared of coronavirus.

Feeling of fear were low at 11% before the pandemic hit the UK.

This spiked strongly up to 36% on that life changing day on 23 March.

But his has fallen every subsequent week, with the mood tracker figure stating that 21% are currently frightened.

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