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British Beer and Pub Association Demands More Support

The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has said that more support is needed for pubs amid the coronavirus pandemic.

British Beer and Pub Association: It criticized the chancellor Rishi Sanek’s “Bounce Back Loans” programme, as this will assist only a few struggling pubs.

The loans system will apply only to businesses with a turnover of £200,000.

And will cover only for up to 25% of the turnover.

While the BBPA applauds the assistance in helping small pubs, many outlets will not qualify for help under those terms.

In effect, the majority of pubs will be left with no support.

The trade association has also said that 10,000 pubs have been left with no government grant support.

They are not eligible for the grants, as their rateable value is above the £51,000 threshold.

Chief Executive Wants Longer Pay Back Loans

The BBPA’s chief executive Emma McClarkin reflected that pubs need more time to take out loans to remain open after COVID-19.

“For many pubs, taking on debt in the form of a loan isn’t even a viable option.” She said.

McClarkin also remarked that investments into pubs, is an investment into the long term future of communities across the UK.

And that pubs and communities are in  jeopardy if investment is not forthcoming.

Pub Numbers Increase

Before the coronavirus pandemic took its grip in the UK, there was evidence to suggest that pub numbers had risen.

Figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), found that between 2018 and 2019 pub and bar numbers had increased.

The data, released in January this year, revealed the first increase in pub numbers for a decade.

Small pubs and bars especially bounced back with a 0.4% increase last year.

Over the previous 15 years small pubs suffered net closures.

The ONS also discovered that more employees now serve food, rather than work behind the bar in pub enterprises.

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