Brits urged to help with fruit picking while on furlough
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Brits urged to help with fruit and vegetabe picking while on furlough

While on furlough, millions of Brits are being encouraged to apply for fruit and vegetable picking jobs to help save the UK harvests.

Brits urged to top up the workforce. Estimates are that only 30% of the normal labor force for this are currently in the country. Crops could end up rotting in fields if extra assistance is not found.

George Eustice, Environment Secretary said additonal labour from the UK labor pool would be needed over the coming weeks.

Soft Fruit and Salad crops will soon need to picked. Mr Eustice stated “We are working with industry to identify an approach that will encourage those millions of furloughed workers in some cases to consider taking a second job, helping get the harvest in June.”

“We’re also acutely aware that we’re about to start the British season in fresh produce, in soft fruits and salads.

With June rapidly approaching, additional staff will be required.

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