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Corona virus update: Relaxation of lock down in many countries.

Relaxation of lock summary

Relaxation: 16 German states are relaxing some of the strict lockdown measures in place. Some are reopening large shops whilst others have put a 800m2 maximum shop floor area limit, on openings.
Bars and cafes are still on lockdown.
Bicycle shops can re open!
Use of face masks is still highly reccommended.
Official figures of 4,404 deaths are reported. Much lower than many European countries.
Lockdown is currently set in place until at least the 3rd of May.

  • Some Austrian Small Shops, Garden Centres and DIY Stores are open. Similar trends are in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
  • Denmark’s primary schools re open along with hairdressers and beauty salons.
  • Poland re opens Public Parks
  • Norway re opens nursery schools
  • Czech Republic open markets to re open

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