Diamonds are a girls best friend
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Diamonds are a girls best friend

Diamonds are a girls best friend but let me tell you ladies. In weather like this especially for those of us geezers who have to wear trousers for work TALC is a boys Best friend.

Of course i appreciate women have an assortment of complex problems and issues to contend with but try sticking half a pound of warm sausages down the front of your bridget joneses and keep them there for 8 hours in 40deg heat. This is where the TALC comes in handy works a treat….unless like me you shower and get dressed for work then empty half a tub of Johnsons talc down your boxers before dashing off to Carrefour where you suddenly decide that you are desperate for a pee and go dashing into the gents….stand shoulder to shoulder with 4 other blokes’ unzip and dig around looking for your willy while at the same time producing a huge cloud of white powder resembling something from Stars in their eyes. I think the poor fella next to me was half expecting me to produce a genie

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