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Does the Queen miss Prince Harry and Megan?

Our Queen delivered a speech to the people of Great Britain and the commonwealth. She reassures all of her subjects that we will come through this Covid 19 crisis if we stick together. Lets support each other and our governments decisions over this crisis.

However Her Majesty must be feeling extremely let down by Prince Harry’s decision to go and live in America. In my book her Majesty would be within her rights to feel that way. I’m also sure that Prince Harry is probably feeling even more isolated from his family in these trying times.

Other senior royals are doing their bit in the effort to help this nation fight this crisis.

Her Majesty is probably well informed of the effect self isolating, is having on our physical and mental health and of course the financial impact its having on families across the world. We all know that Harry served for his Queen and Country. He should therefore know that qualities such as sense of duty, dedication and serving the nation should be top priorities for him. But it seems he has taken leave of his senses.

I understand why Prince Harry and Megan Markel decided to go and live their own non royal life in another country. It is a totally reasonable thing to expect from them both. However in my opinion Prince Harry could learn a thing or two from his grandmother. But more than anything else he must be missing his family enormously. Being thousands of miles from his brother, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousin in these challenging times must be very difficult for him.

But you make your bed, you lie on it. As we are finding out for ourselves family and friends are more important than ever, and they should be cherished. And if the Brits as a nation has learnt anything from this crisis it is that family, and friends and community and neighbors are much more important than we actually thought. So on that note, Your Royal Highness think on. Keep safe everyone. Feel the love.

Lynford B.B.

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