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French Grand Prix to be postponed

The French Grand Prix has been postponed due to coronavirus.

The race was scheduled for 28 June at the Circuit Paul Ricard.

It was an inevitable decision, as all major events have been banned in France until the middle of July.

French Grand Prix director Eric Boullier has said that giving the race the go ahead was “impossible.”

He added that the organisation are already looking to next year in holding the event. 

French Grand Prix 10th Race to be Hit

The French Grand Prix is now the 10th consecutive race to be effected by the global pandemic.

So far the Australian and Monaco Grand Prixs have been cancelled altogether.

While eight other races, now including the French Grand Prix, are on hold for now. 

Chase Corey, the President and chief executive office of Formula One, has previously stated there are “significant potential” for postponements.

Before this latest announcement, Formula One was looking to complete between 15 and 18 races for this season.

It is anticipated that the season will stretch beyond the scheduled end date of 27-29 November.

Already the traditional summer shutdown was brought forward to March and April.

The break in the sport’s timetable was extended to five weeks from the usual three weeks.

No Spectators at Silverstone

If the British Grand Prix goes ahead, no spectators will be allowed into the circuit, Silverstone has confirmed.

Silverstone are currently in talks with the British government over the viability of still holding the event behind closed doors.

The race is planned for the 19 July and hopefully will not be postponed again.

The French Grand Prix is the original “Grand Prix” and one of the oldest motor races in the world. It stopped in 2008 after 86 races due to financial difficulties. However, it returned in 2018’s Formula One Calendar at the Paul Ricard Circuit.

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