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Fury Amongst Benidorm Residents As Beach’s Remain Closed Whilst Others Around Spain Open

Benidorm residents are furious today that they can’t use their beach whilst other regions can in Almeria and on the Costa Del Sol

Residents still restricted from Benidorm’s beaches are not best pleased as they watch on social media other regions strolling on the sand with their children. After 7 long weeks of lockdown and state of emergency regulations they are furious.

It comes after yesterday Mayor revealed:

“Regarding the permitted places, the ministerial order establishes that “it will be possible to move on any road or space for public use, including natural spaces and authorized green areas.

” In this regard, the mayor, Toni Pérez, recalled that “for prevention against the spread of the virus, the beaches and public parks of Benidorm are closed to the public before the state of alarm was decreed. A situation in which they will continue until further instruction ”.

The local regulation order has caused outrage as Miranda Thompson from Benidorm claimed locals were being singled out unfairly:

Benidorm singled out?

“Always Benidorm getting singled out, always the same every time, it borders  on racism against Benidorm residents. Why it exists I just don’t know but we seemed to get blamed for everything and now this. The rest of Spain can go to the beach for a stroll and we can’t? how’s that work then?”

Terry Rossiter agreed ” Crazy, we have stay in doors and watch on Facebook others strolling the beaches, our beaches like everyone else’s should be open and opened straight away. We are not animals, we are frustrated citizens like everyone else who needs a good stroll on the beach”

” I double checked this morning to go down and have a look but the police tapes are still up, that’s not right, the Mayor around here who ordered this hasn’t got a Scooby!”

Benidorm Residents Furious over Beach and Park Closures

At present there is still no indication of when the restrictions will be removed, although it’s presented fears to some Benidorm will be the last out of lockdown.

Kath Pilkinton told the RTN “You can see it now can’t you, Sanchez said last night different regions will get released at different times, you just know Benidorm will be last!”

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