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How Spain comes out of lockdown – Pedro Sánchez announces de-escalation program with an 8 week timescale

Spain’s PM in a 5 hour meeting today. Outlining the countries plan to de-escalate from the current coronavirus lockdown situation.

He made it clear that the operation would not be completed until the end of June.  With certain restrictions and limitations taken into account.

He also stated that it will be the Ministry of Health who decides the pace of the de-escalation in each province, and not the autonomous communities

Also stating  “If we have to choose between prudence and risk, we will choose prudence,”

Spain’s Lockdown de-escalation Plan

Unlike other European countries, he is not committing to any fixed dates for the reopening of shops, beaches and bars. However he insists that all measures are to be in place within an 8 week period, by the end of June.

There are four phases to the plan, 0, 1, 2, and 3 as stated with no set dates. Different provinces having variations on phase dates. Each area will rely on information of the deaths and spread of the virus locally.

There will be no commuting between provinces until the end of June to allow each area to contain and assess the results of each phase.

On May 4th the following areas can jump directly to phase 1:  Islands such as La Graciosa, El Hierro and La Gomera in the Canary Islands and Formentera in the Balearic Islands. Other areas will have to wait until May 11th to see if they can go to phase 1, depending on their individual circumstances.

This coming weekend, adult should be allowed out for exercise with the usual social distancing regulations and face masks recommended. There will be enormous focus on tourism, as it accounts for about 12% of Spain’s GDP.  Again there are no specific dates for reopening of Hotels and Beaches, with evaluation of each provinces virus containment to be taken into account.

The general ideas between each phase are as follows:

Phase 0: Where we are now, in strict lockdown with only essential workers allowed to operate. Limited freedom for essential shopping, medical reasons and dog walking. Children allowed out with social distancing and limitations.

Phase 1: A general reopening of businesses and public areas (Not Shopping Centres). Social distancing and special hours for older more vulnerable age groups in place. For example cafe terraces may open but with 50% capacity to minimise contact. Hotels and accommodation, Museums, bookstores with 30% of their normal capacity and outdoor events of less than 200 people. As long as distancing can be guaranteed.

Phase 2: Restaurants allowed to open. Public areas such as Theatres, exhibition centres and Cinemas to reopen with a maximum of 50 people indoors and 400 people outside.

Phase 3: If all containment measures are still met, release of lockdown allowing general movement of the public. Increasing capacity of opened establishments to 50%. the use of face masks still recommended.

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