How to raise a happy guinea pig
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How to raise a happy guinea pig

A GUINEA PIG can be so much fun but how can you make sure that they’re enjoying themselves too? As well as always ensuring they have large, spacious homes, there are lots of things you can do to enrich your guinea pigs’ environment and help keep them stimulated and happy.

Guinea pigs are curious critters and love to watch what’s going on around them. As well as a roomy indoor hutch, they also need an outdoor run so they can have a bit of a nose and a good graze. Because they’re quite shy they always need something to hide in when they’re out in their run, in case they get scared. Cardboard boxes, tubes or pipes are great for this and also lots of fun. They enjoy running free indoors too – make sure they’re supervised and there are no escape holes!

Guinea pigs aren’t actually big fans of toys as a rule but hiding small amounts of food for them to search for can also keep them entertained.

Guinea pigs love company of their own kind but not of others, like rabbits, so keep them in a same-sex or neutered pair or small group.

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