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I can frame that?

REDEFINE artwork with these common items you can frame, most of which you probably have lying around your home!

  • Vintage Advertisements
    If you have a collection of old books, magazines, or newspapers, a gallery wall is the perfect choice for you. Use a grid gallery format to ensure each print stands out.
  • Maps Large or Small
    A map on the wall is common, but a framed map exudes importance. Can’t find an oversized map? Print it on several pieces of paper and fit it together like a puzzle.
  • Wrapping Paper
    Do you have empty picture frames but nothing to put in them? Why not use up those wrapping paper scraps you’ve been hanging onto? Place wrapping paper in each frame or use the decorative paper as a mat for a pretty printout.
  • Postcards
    Basic frames look right at home on floating shelves. Postcards, save-the-dates, and other nostalgic mail items can all be framed and paired together. Group items with a similar colour scheme or pattern to give small, affordable frames a greater impact.
  • Astrological Maps
    Astrological maps are unique to have anywhere in the home and inside a frame is all the more stylish. Impress guests with a taste of the stars by framing your zodiac sign or an astrological map, then put your knowledge to the test when they ask about the framed piece.
  • Decorative Wallpaper
    With a roll of large-scale floral wallpaper, create a triptych of dramatic art panels on the cheap. Apply sections of wallpaper to extra wood or drywall following the manufacturer’s directions. Then frame each piece with painted moulding and add mounting hardware.
  • Retro Food Labels
    For a one-of-a-kind art display, turn to vintage food labels. Framed in white and placed among neutral decor, these brightly hued images really pop.
  • Book Jackets
    Does anyone actually keep the book cover on their hardcover book when they read it? Don’t just throw it aside; frame it!
  • Stamp Collection
    Stop keeping your stamp collection in that old book! Instead, tack, mat, and frame them on your wall. They make a retro statement in an office or guest room.

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