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Lock Down: Dealing with it in Spain

Lock Down: For the first time I can recall we are all truly in the same boat, rich or poor old or young we have one thing in common. We are all LOCKED IN.

Lock Down: Each one of us deals with the situation in their own way and are all experiencing ups and downs on a daily basis. The Internet is a huge help (can you imagine life without it). BUT there is an awful lot of nonsense on it as well. I notice there is a bit of friction going on between those of us here in Spain and some of you in the UK. This has been caused because the pandemic lock down here is two weeks ahead of the UK and we have been living with what the UK is about to face for the past 14 days.

It is always easier to see things more clearly when looking in from the outside. I am sure that 99 percent of the comments and advice given by those of us who live in Spain are given with good intention. Sometimes it is necessary to come across as firm and abrupt in order to get your point across. However, we are all friends and raised voices (even though in Type Format) are used in frustration more than anger. 


Many of us with family’s in the UK have made posts. We have sent messages to them with the sole intention of letting them know just how serious the situation has become. This is based on the fact that we see on the news how many people are NOT taking the situation Seriously. Also it is of course worrying that your family will not be safe.

I think now more than ever we all need each other to stick together. In addition if you have warned your immediate family and friends then you really cannot do any more.

Those who choose to ignore the rules will not be swayed by our continued plea to stay at home so I think we have all done as much as we can.

Please lets not fall out with each other during this time. Save it til after. lol.

Lets all recognize that we are not all acting as we would Normally. That some people will be finding this lock down isolation more difficult than others. Be there for each other and offer support when you can but be aware the person you are chatting to has there own life. Also they have their own problems and you may have caught them at a shit time. x

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