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Mercadona Super Market Scam Warning in Murcia Today

Police In Murcia today have issued a warning regarding a supermarket scam that could net thousands of euros.

Mercadona Scam: The police in Murcia have warned locals in regards a scam centred around the national supermarket chain Mercadona and WhatsAPP and social media channels.

Fraudsters using the APP and social media channels 500 euros to spend at the supermarket with the sole intention of obtaining bank details and emptying your bank account.

The Mercadona Supermarket chain themselves are oblivious to any such offer and have informed the police in Murcia that it’s nothing to do with them.

Commonly known as “phishing” con artists send out false messages to unsuspecting users pretending to be the Supermarket chain themselves. They offer a shopping voucher of up to 500 euros stating its a good will gesture during the crisis from Spain’s largest supermarket.

Bank Details

Bank details are requested to deposit the voucher funds into the applicants account whilst in reality the fraudster prepares to raid the account online with the newly collected details.

Jenny Wallace told the RTN how she personally fell for the scam:

” Foolishly I believed it, it was on WhatsAPP so i took that to be genuine, if it had been an email I would have probably thought again. However, I thought the APP was safe, the message said to respond and claim to which i did entering my bank details. When I checked my bank account to see if the funds had landed it was then I noticed 500 euros had actually left my account, not entered”

” I’m so upset, I really need that money at this time, I can’t believe I have been such a fool, I’ve reported the crime to the police and my bank and they are dealing with it right now”

Murcia’s police are warning all residents that if they receive the same message or something resembling the same to ignore it as its false and to watch out for other scams of the same nature.

One of those scams is centred around Netflix where fraudsters again ask for bank details in return for 3 months subscription.

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