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News Update: Phenomenal Tom’s NHS fundraiser tops £10,000,000

Captain Tom Picture from Twitter
Captain Tom Picture from Twitter

Following on from our previous story about Tom’s amazing fundraiser efforts, he has now topped £10,000,000! Nearly half a million donations flooded in to reach this incredible amount that will go to the NHS

Our post about super fundraiser Tom this morning just 12 hours ago!

Captain Tom Phenomenon: 99 year old Vet tops £5,500,000 mark for NHS

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Captain Tom, Originally aiming to raise £1000 for the NHS with a sponsored walk, Tom, an army veteran has gone viral.

Hundreds of thousands of contributors from around the world have donated to the fund, started by Captain Tom to say a thank you to NHS staff who helped him through his recent hospital visits for cancer. With his 100th birthday due at the end of the month, he is continuing on with his walk, assisted by a walking frame. All this after a recent broken hip! What an example of human endurance.

You can support Tom and the NHS here.

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