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Next Plan Large Store Reopenings as Sales Plummet

Clothing retailer Next has announced it will prioritize reopening larger out of town stores when coronavirus lockdown restrictions are eased.

The plans were released in its latest trade statement.

Larger stores are more able to adhere to any social distancing guidelines that are in place.

Out of town retail parks also usually have more space for car parking, making its stores safer.

As bigger stores are typically open for longer hours, this would reduce mass gatherings to shop at a Next outlet.

Area management teams will also be able to monitor safety measures in larger stores.

Next Sales Fall For This Year

Next have found that sales have dramatically fallen up to 25 April this year.

Retail sales fell by 51%.

While online purchases were unsurprisingly less hit with a fall of 32%.

The company’s statement revealed that sales came to a standstill after 23 March, once lockdown stipulations were made public.

Since then there is evidence of a recovery in its online business.

The sales of products there were available at full price, has also suffered a significant fall of 41%.

Next reopened its warehouse picking facilities in 14 April. After originally closing them on 26 March.

Staff Retrained

New staff inductions have taken place by the retailer in small groups.

In order to ensure that new ways of working are adhered to.

Customers are only allowed to buy a number of items that can be picked safely.

There are no clearance sale items offered at the moment on the company website.

Overall 6641 staff members have made themselves available to work.

In total that is 76% of the workforce, a fantastic response said Clothing retailer Next.

Those with children, or who are vulnerable, or responsible for a vulnerable person have said they cannot work, which is very understandable in the current situation in place at present.

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