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In a world where we seemingly spend half our life eating our way into a bad state of health and the other half taking drugs to stave off disease and illnesses, it is confusing as to how we should be eating, drinking and taking into our bodies.

Some of us believe a plant-based diet can provide us with all the nutrition we need and lead us into a healthier life, some don’t consider what they eat and are more focused on other parts of their life, like creating great wealth and there are those in between, that go from one diet and exercise fad to the other.

We may consider in the awareness that the food and drink industry cares more about profit than providing nutrition and is directly linked to the pharmaceutical industry who focuses more on cure than prevention.

Or we may believe that we don’t have many choices and that what we are offered is what we must take, makes life simple no?

But what about if we want to take our health into our own hands?

What if we want to make informed decisions based on our own experiences and research? Then we can rightly do so.

Every one of us is a unique individual that is genetically different, with this in mind I believe we have to get to know ourselves and our bodies to know what we need. Our bodies are our guidance system and they reflect our health, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally and spiritually. So what we need to do is be aware of them, how they feel inside, via pain and discomfort, what they are manifesting externally, then adapt what we are absorbing until we find what fits us.

Balance in all things is key, if we are out of balance we know it, we get ill, have low energy, feel depressed, have no enthusiasm for life. Our body is always talking to us.

It’s no good listening to the experiences of others and then acting in accordance when we are all different, it just won’t work.

Natural remedies have been around for centuries and although they are not offered so frequently as pharmaceutical treatments, they still have their place. Quite often they can offer relief without side effects, yet they should still be researched before consuming.

In an emergency surgical intervention or antibiotics may save your life, but does it mean that chemicals can be absorbed naturally in our bodies, especially over a long period, without consequence?

With a wealth of professionals out in the world, we have so much opportunity, to find the right diet for us, the right exercise for us, the right spiritual practices for us and the right ways to connect.

Through connection socially and with family and friends we increase our emotional health, but not all of us want to party the night away meeting new people. Some of us prefer small groups, or to dine and converse in a relaxed atmosphere. Re-charging our batteries is vital to balance ourselves, and that may mean being alone with our comforts or it may mean going to a concert or show, with others.

To know ourselves is to love ourselves, to love ourselves is to have health in all areas. There is no bigger investment to make in life.

No time to waste than in making sure you can enjoy a happy, pain-free existence based on your choices, your decisions, and your lifestyle. Listen to your is always talking to you.

Or alternatively, come join my Thursday evening group in Torrevieja and learn how to be mindful and how it can improve your life in all areas.
Whether you overthink, have stress, anxiety, illnesses through tension, I can help. You can contact me on 634 316 839 or email
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Have a great week and don’t overthink it!
Much Love, Nicola

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