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Do you overthink things? Do you toss thought’s around in your head, like a ship in rough seas but never manage to get any solution?

Overthinking is one of the biggest reasons people have stress and anxiety. As we focus and indulge ourselves on trying to create a solution, we become more worried about the challenge (You will notice I never say problem. Challenges can be overcome, problems are more difficult) As we put more importance on it, it becomes more predominant in our lives, we fail to see things in real time, in perspective and soon it’s all we can think about.

As the challenge gains momentum in our minds, it also gains momentum in our bodies and this is where it all gets out of control. We start to manifest stress and anxiety through our thought’s. In other words, our bodies start to react, they restrict, breathing becomes difficult, we may notice pain in certain parts and get headaches and stomach pains.

So how do we overcome, overthinking?

First of all, let’s get a bit clearer about why we do it. We overthink basically because we have fear of uncertainty, of what an outcome maybe and that it may hurt us, or we may suffer with it. So, we try to find a solution, which is impossible if we don’t have all the facts and if the issue is in the hands of someone else.

In the impossibility, we panic and try to think further, we stop functioning at a high level then as the stress starts to increase. As the stress starts to increase, the body comes into play, perceives the stress as a potential threat and acts accordingly, putting us straight into fight, flight or freeze. Once we are in these highly aroused states, it is almost impossible for us to find a logical solution. And we might as well give up.

If you recognize this pattern of behavior and are prone to overthinking it is most likely you have at one time or another experienced an event that caused you a great deal of distress, one that you maybe took responsibility for, whether it was your fault or not .In this time, you experienced such distress that you made an unconscious decision, you were going to always make sure you were prepared for things that could possibly put you back into the state you experienced at the time of traumatic event.

But how is that even possible?

How can we be prepared for something when we don’t know how it is going to turn out? Surely it would be better and less time would be wasted if we focused on gaining more facts, waited for more information, waited for a time nearer to the event. Or in some cases waited to see how things panned out, having faith that all will be well.

Being mindful can help a great deal with overthinking as it represents, focusing on being in the present moment, neither looking forward or looking back. It also allows us to really enjoy the now, releases us from tension and helps us relax.

You can be mindful by slowing things down, breathing deeper, focusing on one task at a time and being realistic of your thoughts and how they are affecting you.

Observing our thought’s like we are an outsider, helps keep us grounded and aware of when we begin to get carried away with compulsive thinking or solving challenges. It makes us aware of our negative patterns of behavior and beliefs.

Being aware of your body and its sensations is also a great way to judge how your thoughts are affecting how you experience life. Are you in pain a lot of the time? Do you experience regular headaches and stomachaches? Is your immune system compromised by lots of colds and flu’s?

You can also distract yourself from overthinking by using your senses and tuning into sounds and smells outside of yourself. Or looking closely at something that is not related to what you are thinking about, like a plant or maybe even a pet.

Overthinking is a practice that can be resolved, if you are constantly tired of it and feel you cannot control it, why not book a one-off session with me and let me guide you through the process of eliminating it completely from your life?

Or alternatively, come join my Thursday evening group in Torrevieja and learn how to be mindful and how it can improve your life in all areas.
Whether you overthink, have stress, anxiety, illnesses through tension, I can help. You can contact me on 634 316 839 or email
or website
Have a great week and don’t overthink it!
Much Love, Nicola

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