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Readers Views: Human Rights

Every time something bad happens we suddenly have the Human Rights Flag brought out and enthusiastically waved about.

Now i am all for people having rights but what some people don’t seem to get is that along with rights come Responsibility.
Sure it is your right to have a child, as long as you have sufficient funds to take care of it.

Yes it is your right to have nice things, a 50 inch flat screen, smart car and laminate flooring, as long as you can afford to pay for it.
Absolutely, it is your right to go out of the house whenever you choose providing that there is not a world wide Pandemic killing thousands of people every day and you are endangering your own and other peoples lives.
I sighed this morning at the TV report of a mother ( With the latest iPhone) bleating on how difficult it was coping with two young children and not having access to a popular fast food restaurant and how she was reliant on food banks to feed her family since the lock down began.

Now correct me if i am wrong but if you were in receipt of Benefits BEFORE this lock down and your payments have not been reduced how is life so different now.

You can buy a whole Chicken and vegetables to feed your whole family for the cost of a Whopper Meal and surely the fact that you are not going out is in fact saving you money.

Benefits are paying her rent, The Electric and Gas services have said they will NOT disconnect services while this crisis is going on.
She could take this opportunity to teach her children manners, housework, Cooking Cleaning. There is an endless supply of you tube tuition videos available on her 800 pound I Phone.

Granny said…

I was lucky enough to miss the last world war but my gran told us many stories of how much they struggled. Whole families slept in Air Raid shelters with no heating, Electric, Phones, TV and very little food.
I was lucky that my parents taught me to cook, clean, sew and take care of myself and as such I am not really finding this lock down period as tough as some other people despite having no work or income.
We have to take responsibility for our own lives, I hope that during this time people will learn to value how easy we have it now compared to previous generations and maybe even learn the value of Family Meal times, Conversation and Social Skills.

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