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RTN online Horoscopes April 24th 2020

Kenny’s Weekly Horoscopes – April 24th 2020

Aries:   After the recent square between the Sun in Taurus, planetary actions allow you to reflect on the choices you have made just recently; and allow a pause before you take the next step. Nothing whatsoever is to be gained by your current impatience, so just stalling and looking at things on all levels is beneficial and wise.

Taurus:   The Sun in conjunction with Taurus around the 26th brings a change to plans and the resolution of this allows you to see a way around a current obstacle. You can really start to seriously plan something that excites you by the mere thought of it, and put your own inspiring interpretation straight into action without delay

Gemini:  The Pluto retrograde starts this weekend, showing you the way through an emotional crisis by giving you the breathing space you need. Reflection on recent developments will start to really hit home as you contemplate the only viable solution to a problem not of your making. You did not sign up for any of this, after all!

Cancer:  The Cosmos delights in bringing you to your senses over a matter that has been a thorn in your side for quite a while. Ever one to avoid confrontation and use peaceful methods of solution, the Conjunction of the Sun with Uranus in Taurus, on Sunday, will put the cat amongst the pigeons; and you have nothing to lose.

Leo:    An opportunity comes to show others just what you can really do. Whilst it may not be time to take Centre Stage, it is a time to step up and show those who may doubt you that you are not to be messed with. Much has been said, but your immediate silence will have the desired effect and then actions will speak much louder.

Virgo:   With the Sun in Taurus, you are in a good position and it is vital that plans become more of a reality if they are to become the achievements that you need right now. This is a reflective time, so use it to look within and discover all about your inner self and what exactly makes you tick, as well as the changes you face.

Libra:   Ruled by the Goddess of Love you find a way to spread a little joy into the lives of others right now, and you are enjoying it. Whilst the creative side of you steps up it is time to see that you have qualities that you need to share with others for the common good. The Sun in Taurus illuminates a way forward that’s free and easy.

Scorpio:   Your inner strength is a healing energy that is no secret to you. With Mercury entering into Taurus midweek there is a subsequent Squaring of Saturn in Aquarius that should be what you need to start to believe both in yourself and the intrinsic skills you have to offer. Study and education are on the cards if you are ready?!

Sagittarius:  With Jupiter in cahoots and the approaching Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn there is much to do. The balance you are capable of allows you to burn the candle at both ends, but save your energies right now because the time will come to show them to the best advantage. Someone is coming to ask for your help.

Capricorn:  The Pluto Retrograde governs the next five months very precisely by allowing you to review all that you have learned over the past weeks. Beware that you deny things that you know are really true and believe in your mindset and balanced set of skills, which are free for you to develop; and which are your future happiness.

Aquarius:   If you had known more about what was going on around you then things would not be the way that they are right now. However, every cloud has a silver lining no matter how dark they may be, and you had no idea that things would turn out this way. There is nothing more you can do right now, but move on to better times!

Pisces:   You are looking within at your truly spiritual self, and things are looking up on all levels. The power of positive energy within in you is put to good use as you know how to make the most of a situation. Mercury ensures that a message sent from the bottom of your heart reaches its destination and is taken on board too.

Kenny is delighted to be once again Casting Horoscopes for the RTN Online

Kenny Corris
Kenny Corris

Having worked on some 700 RTN Editions over the past twenty years. His award winning Horoscopes are read all over the World and he welcomes the chance to use his Astrology and intuition to the better good of his readers.

Kenny was awarded the maximum Five Stars in a recent Poll by the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. His International World ranking as an Astrologer is 19th, and he is happy to be still there in the Top 20!

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