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Kenny’s Weekly Horoscopes – May 1st 2020

Aries:   As a true lover of life current energies give power and motivation over specific talents and strengths. You are about to have the chance to take something to a new level, and whilst the Conjunction in Venus persists you are going to spread a lot of happiness around; to those you love and care for.

Taurus:  The ongoing Conjunction with the Sun, in your second house of Mercury is very relevant. Time to commit yourself to sending that message that keeps going around and around in your head, but which you do not send. Do it now! Expect that others may choose to take things the wrong way, but get the result you need.

Gemini:  Actions are starting up in your opposing sign of Sagittarius, as Jupiter exits and Pluto continues retrograde in Capricorn. There would seem to be a lot going on, but you are right not to trust the attentions of someone who really does not have your interests at heart, and who is following a very different agenda now.

Cancer:   The Cosmos advises that you will get all the help that you need right now to end a project favorably. This will, in turn, boost your career prospects and open up new doors for continuity and the freedom of your expression. Harmony comes from interaction with Venus, and bodes well for domestic matters on hold.

Leo:    It’s a question of balance right now. With such equilibrium you can stay afloat for longer than you think, and don’t forget that help is never far away if you need it. Be true to your gut feelings and allow your Planetary leader to interact with Taurus and reward you richly for all the hard work you have already done!

Virgo:  The mind is a great conductor of poise and alignment. Your intellectual abilities shine through and illuminate a clear way forward on many levels. The vibration is strong right now, and the mind balanced and awaiting further instructions; now that Mercury is Casimi, and whilst your dignity and goals are focused.

Libra:   The Sun conjuncts with Mercury and Taurus and your psychic centres have opened to show you what could be on the cards right now. Belief is a joy if it aids you and supports you and it is your faith in yourself that keeps you going right now. Something is telling you to change direction and look at a problem another way.

Scorpio:   On May 7th there will be a Full Moon in Scorpio, and temptations are high right now. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t! Play it safe and avoid any risky, unsafe situations this week, and put your absolute trust in the sure and steady, rather than take sides, which could be more trouble than it is worth.

Sagittarius:   It’s all happening right now for you. Just when you thought it was safe, something has kicked off, and you will have your work cut out to achieve just what you set out to do. This is, however, a trial run, and the time you spend on resolve is a true learning curve you will learn by and react to. There is no going back now!

Capricorn:  As you chill after the recent retrograde steps of Pluto, a very reflective time comes. You are drawn to the current negative aspects of your opposing sign of Cancer, particularly as the Full Moon shines on Scorpio and everything is achievable. Don’t dream it, be it, and while you are at it, stay true to yourself too!

Aquarius:    Check on finances as an unexpected expense sees you counting the pennies. You work hard for the money and it has to start to work for you, as the law of attraction should put money in your purse and settle debts once and for all. Better time are coming, but you have to now know that you deserve so much more.

Pisces:   Much spiritual guidance is running around your head right now. You need to become a contributor, and to share your wisdom and help others to grow in the knowledge that has brought you safely through to just where you are right now! Caring and ever sensitive, it is the right time to put your best foot forward and step up!


Kenny is delighted to be once again Casting Horoscopes for the RTN Online

Kenny Corris
Kenny Corris

Having worked on some 700 RTN Editions over the past twenty years. His award winning Horoscopes are read all over the World and he welcomes the chance to use his Astrology and intuition to the better good of his readers.

Kenny was awarded the maximum Five Stars in a recent Poll by the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. His International World ranking as an Astrologer is 19th, and he is happy to be still there in the Top 20!

Kenny will be answering your questions for this Online Edition, and hopefully offering you Spiritual and practical Solutions for any problems you may have, especially at these difficult times. Please send your emails, in confidence to:


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