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Social Misinformation

Social Misinformation: I Have Been up since 4am reading shite from various Sites where people are stating that Bars and Hotels wont open until Next March.

Social Misinformation: I hear that there will be no flights this year, that this virus is Chemical warfare so that the Chinese can take over Benidorm. Now i understand first hand how boring being in lock-down is but please people don’t take snippets of information and post it as Fact. I am sure the Spanish Government have no idea when Beni will re open so how the Hell does Avon selling housewife Janet from Burnley Know what is happening here in Spain. Of course people are worried about upcoming flights and holidays but the fact remains that NOBODY KNOWS If you read something and want to share it please post the link to where you read it.

Social misinformation a major problem

Don’t post silly facts with the caption (I Read Somewhere) The British Press have very little to report on and are making up crap to sell their papers. Those of us who own bars and Restaurants here are following events very closely and many of us also watch Spanish news. They have interviewed people who’s personal Opinion is that this will last until Christmas. But this it the OPINION of ONE person and not a FACT. Facebook is full of nonsense at the moment please don’t spread false news to people who don’t need any more sadness in their lives. Thanks


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