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Spain says goodbye to nearly one and a half million people over lockdown

Since lockdown began in Spain, many people have returned to their native countries. Estimates from Spain’s foreign minister are in excess of 1,500,000.

Spain says goodbye as tourists, short term holiday makers, and friends and family of residents go back to their homelands.

Additionally many foreign students have cut short their studies to be with family.

A large amount of the repatriation flights occurred at the onset of the State of Alarm.

Arancha Gonzale, Spain’s foreign minister said some transport routes remained open to enable Spanish Nationals overseas for work or study, to return to their families. This policy helped many ex pats to return home as well.

With over 80 million tourists a year to Spain, the hope is that travel restrictions are lifted as soon as it is considered safe.

The Government is now concentrating on inbound flights from Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay, Australia and Thailand with returning Spanish Nationals.

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