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Spain’s Benidorm Deborah attracts TV show Britain’s Got Talent After Hitting The Headlines On The Costa Blanca

You Tube sensation Spain’s Benidorm Deborah is chased by TV show Britains Got Talent. After she hit the headlines this week in the Spanish press

Spain’s Benidorm Deborah: After hitting the headlines this week in the Spanish media for presenting videos of what it’s like in Benidorm during lockdown, brought a mixed reaction from locals. Some wanting her arrested for flouting and breaking the state of emergency laws. Others said in fury to leave her alone as they enjoy her videos may be in the headlines again soon and on TV as Britain’s Got Talent as  producers for the ITV show start a search for the You Tube star.

ITV producers have been contacting the Spanish media including the RTN requesting information on Benidorm Deborah. After they watched her videos which included singing the Queen hit “I want to break free”

Child Star:

The child star has been keeping the residents of Benidorm entertained the last 42 days with her lockdown presentations.  However, it was a video of Deborah singing in a bar in front of a large audience that has caught the eye of the shows talent spotters. According to sources at the main stream UK TV channel wish her to audition for next years production.

The TV show broadcasts to an 8 million audience each Saturday night and whilst controversy hit the headlines this week SYCO the company that produce the show owned by Simon Cowell don’t seem deterred by it at all.

With the news breaking around Benidorm it’s got locals excited who watch the show and the You Tube videos. Maggie Wilson originally from Ely Cardiff and now retired in Benidorm told the RTN:

“Good for her, she took some stick this week in the press, although many came out in support too. The kid clearly has a great talent and I hope we will see her on the big stage soon”

Meanwhile Ian Tompkins said “Fantastic, I hope they find her and get her on the telly. She deserves a break, she’s kept me entertained for over a month, I’d press the golden buzzer”


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