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Spain’s Benidorm entertainers suffer with lockdown

One question many people have asked is how are the artists and entertainers coping during the lockdown?

After being closed for the Winter , the Cabaret clubs were gradually reopening , and staff and entertainers looking forward to earning again. Then the Coronavirus struck at what could hardly have been a worse time.

Virtually everyone in the Entertainment industry was now forced to live on their savings. Some Government help has been with El Paro, which is the Spanish equivalent of the Dole. El Paro is paid on the 10th of the month, however some claimants have advised that their money was credited on 3rd April 2020.

For many people in the industry, their biggest worry is how can they pay the rent, when they have no money?

An Artist who wished to be anonymous has rented the same apartment from the same landlord, for almost 8 years. He now cannot afford to pay the rent. His landlord wants to evict him early June 2020 .

We now live in a period of great uncertainty, and broadly, all of us face the same problems in the lockdown. Our colleagues in the Entertainment field are not so different .


By Analise Fritton

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