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Spain’s Benidorm respecting social distancing.

Spain’s Benidorm: Social distancing respected.

Social Distancing: I am very lucky to live in the center of Benidorm’s Old Town. Everything is on my doorstep and there is a fantastic community spirit.

I noticed a number of things this morning whilst out with Roving Reporter Jack Platt.

Benidorm’s resident and ex pat community appear to be respecting social distancing guidelines in general. People and queues around Supermarkets, chemists and even the Town Hall, all keeping their distance.

Although bars, cafes and social gatherings are still prohibited, the streets during the daytime are regaining a little of their former buzz with construction work now in full swing and shoppers “Pacing” their trips to the supermarkets.

Busier streets.

With construction and essential manufacturing employees allowed back to work, there is a hint of a return to normality in the area. Shoppers are out to top up after the weekend, and I noticed the Town Hall open today. The first time I have noticed in a while.

Benidorm Town Hall
Benidorm Town Hall


Most people now are wearing face masks. Great to see because to begin with they were harder to obtain than unicorn shit!

All supermarkets insist on hand cleansing, trolley cleansing and protective gloves, which is also great to see. (This is very reassuring for the shoppers)

The general ambience of the area seems far more uplifted in general, as people adapt to the lockdown. A warm sun shining down also helps this.

So, although many things concerning the lockdown are quite grim, the community seems to be adapting and accepting the new circumstances for everyday life. We all hope this ends sooner rather than later, but the majority of us have strict social distancing to thank for the good health of friends, family and loved ones.

Personally I have taken this opportunity of a slower pace of life, to re contact friends I was always “Too Busy” to stay in touch with. Even close family members now get hour long chats!

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Jack Platt
Jack Platt - Benidorm's Roving Reporter. #access all areas

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