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Spain’s Benidorm Travel Agency association AVIBE calls for ERTES (furlough) payments to be extended for 12 months

AVIBE the association for Travel Agencies in Benidorm and The Costa Blanca. Calls for furlough payments and social security payment reductions to be extended for 12 months.

Spain’s Benidorm Travel Agency agents in Benidorm and Costa Blanca Spain. Like in many other areas around the world have been hit hard by travel restrictions and the coronavirus outbreak.

Spain’s Benidorm Travel Agency President

President of the association Juanjo Pérez Parker, in Benidorm, stated the situation is ” the worst crisis suffered in all recent history. “

The association is asking for ERTES payments to be extended for 12 months after “The State of Alarm” ends, along with Social Security discounts. This will assist travel agents and others to rebuild their businesses after lockdown.

There are approximately 8,000 travel agencies in Spain. Many are independent companies run by self employed people that are currently struggling to survive and support their families.

Heavy advertising and promotion will be required after lockdown to try and reinvigorate the industry. Covering accommodation, excursions, popular destinations, restaurants and theme parks to name a few.

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