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Spain’s PM announces from May 2nd Spain’s residents may be allowed out for exercise and walks

At a News Conference last night Pedro Sánchez, Spain’s PM announced the possibility of lockdown relaxation measures from may 2nd.

Spain’s PM announces that walk and exercise will be permitted if coronavirus figures continue to decrease.

He said that the country must proceed with caution and individual provinces would have different schedules based on coronavirus figures.

PM Pedro Sánchez stated

The relaxation measures would be implemented throughout May with reviews on the situation in June.

Final decisions on relaxation rules would be entirely under the Central Governments control. The plan is up for approval on Tuesday 28th April.

With death tolls below 400 for the previous 2 days this is far lower than recent daily figures of 600 plus. Official death rates are at 22.900 but this figure does not include care homes so will be higher in reality.

health workers account for 20% of infections
Health workers account for 20% of infections

A sad outcome of the epidemic is that 20% of infections are within the Health Care sector. Par tof this is blamed on a shortage of PPE and testing equipment.

A recent report showed by comparison 10% of Italy’s, 3% of USA, and 3.8% of China’s healthcare workers are infected with the virus.

In addition there have been reported cases of faulty masks in Madrid and other areas. This is currently under investigation. the Medical Director of La Paz Hospital in Madrid said

 “It’s been hard, but you have to keep your spirits up,” he says. “Every day, it’s as if three planes had crashed. We’ve had 800 patients and more than 250 waiting to be admitted into the emergency ward.”

So we all wait with baited breath to see the outcome of Tuesdays meeting. With the speed with which policy changes during this pandemic, no one knows which way it will go.

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