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Talks Are Held on Free to Air Premier League Coverage

Discussions have taken place between the Premier League and UK culture secretary Oliver Dowden over free to air broadcasting.

Premier League Coverage: Any resumption of the current Premier League season, is highly likely to see matches played behind closed doors.

Premier League Coverage
Premier League Coverage by Oliver Dowden

Dowden has confirmed that he has “raised this challenge” with the Premier League authorities.

He argued that it would not be the best signal, if supporters could not see the conclusion to the season.

The Premier League has indefinitely suspended the season. But is looking to complete the remaining fixtures.

Which Free to Air Channels Will Broadcast?

The culture secretary refused to be drawn into speculation over which channels would show free to air games.

Dowden said there were several options on the table to be considered.

Premier League Coverage

Some of those alternatives may not include the traditional route of showing matches on terrestrial television.

You Tube channels for example, might be an avenue where to broadcast games.

Sky Sports did agree to show the Cricket World Cup final last year. It was watched by 8.3 million viewers. The most watched game of cricket ever in the UK.

Sky And BT Not Part of Talks

Yet the talks did not include any input from the main Premier League broadcasters Sky Sports and BT.

The latest domestic Premier League rights were sold for around £5 billion for a three year cycle.

Overseas rights had boosted the broadcasting revenue to £9.2 billion overall.

Potentially a clash of interests could occur, once the details of free to air broadcasting are finalized.

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