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Tech Talk: Help! My computer keeps crashing and runs so slow

Tech Talk Forum: As many of us spend more time online during lockdown, erratic computer problems are a nightmare to the tech un-savvy!

Use this forum to post your questions on all things Tech and if admin cannot help you, then there is bound to be someone that knows how to fix your problem!

Got to RTN Community Forums and browse to the Tech Talk section to see questions and answers on all things tech!

Here’s a few pointers to help you out in the right direction

First off, you have to understand that whenever you visit a web page, your browser automatically caches (Stores for later) every image and icon on the page to speed up page loading next time you visit that page.

Great, faster page loading!

However, literally hundreds of thousands of files are then stored on your computer as you browse through the internet. If you do not clean these out regularly then over just a few weeks of internet use, a massive amount of unnecessary files are stored on your computer. Taking up space, fragmenting your drive and decreasing overall performance.

How do I clean up Internet Files?

Luckily there are many FREE tools to help with this.

I use “Advanced System Care” Free version. You can buy the Pro version for additional features, but I find the free product more than adequate.

It works on Windows 10/Win8/Win7/Vista/XP

With this tool you can clean out unused temporary internet files (You will be amazed at how many you have accumulated)

It will also clean up temporary files that are just lingering around taking up precious disk space. Clean up your registry and many other free utilities built in.

In the “Speed Up” section there is also a free Driver Update tool. (Restricted but run it a couple of times to get the best benefits). This is great for making sure all the latest drivers are on your computer to run faster and less problematically.

Post your questions in the forum or email with any questions you have!

If you are tech savvy, check out the forum. See if you can help others with your expertise and knowledge.

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