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Torrevieja expats disgusted with low cost airline Ryanair

Expats in Torrevieja Spain are furious with Ryanair who refuse cash refunds

Expats across Spain’s largest expat community Torrevieja are furious with the low cost airline Ryanair as they can’t receive cash refunds for cancelled flights by the airline.

The airline, one of the most popular carriers to Spain were forced to cancel flights as the coronavirus crisis hit Spain, leaving customers out of pocket, although refunds could be claimed according to the airlines website.

Although this hasn’t transpired and customers who have refuted a credit note which the airline is encouraging customers to take, are still being sent credit notes rather than a cash refund to their credit or debit cards.

The RTN has received hundreds of messages and phone calls from disgruntled Ryanair customers who want their money back.


“I have used Ryanair for quite a few years and they have been ok, this year trying to get refunds for flights weve been promised by customer services that a refund is being dealt with and then told three weeks later they want us to use a voucher, however the voucher will expire April 2021!!! Why can’t they do what they promised in the first place

“If people would stop buying tickets for Ryanair the company wouldn’t exist Ryanair it’s only one thing only selfish disgraceful and appalling, people should not buy any more flights and let this company go into liquidation” said Mike Morris who wants to see the end of the airline.

David Lewis though had a small amount of sympathy, although not a lot!

“Although I have SOME sympathy the bottom line is it’s your own fault for being a cheapskate and booking with the world’s leading “Conair”. Every flyer knows their long history of diabolical “service” – bottom line is if you book with a crook to save a few dollars, don’t moan when things go belly up.”

Mary Grimshaw who has lived on the Costa Blanca for over 15 years is clearly not best pleased as she fired

“What right does Ryanair have to hold on to clients money and announce they will be refunding when the Corona virus pandemic is over ?! They are very quick at taking money , as they are not very busy why not pay- back now ? Their behaviour and attitude is not enhancing their image !wakeup Mr O’ Leary”

Ryanair cash rich

“On a previous website I read that Ryanair was cash rich, having access to €4bn. Does Mr. O’Leary think that he can disregard UK travel regulations by not paying out refunds. The article also stated that the best way to obtain a refund was to sue the airline in court as the Expats were reported to be doing.” Jimmy Danfo said that expats should sue.

Meanwhile Alan Bendall currently in Spain before heading home to New Zealand stated how worthless the credit note was although he didn’t want one anyway as he fumed:

“Just received my email giving me a voucher despite two earlier emails confirming they were processing my cash refund. I am due to return to NZ within the next few months…travel restrictions permitting…and have no intentions of further European travel. To say I am annoyed is putting it mildly. Ryanair have done their best to ‘hide’ how you can continue to request a cash refund and are clearly stating that any cash will only be paid out once travel restrictions are lifted!!!It is shameful that a business can operate in this manner!!!”

Worthless credit notes

It seems the row will continue to rumble on whilst a Torrevieja charted accountant had a stark warning for customers holding credit notes as he explained:

“These credit notes that are being handed out will be worthless if the airline goes into Administration, any company in the event of purchasing the business out of Administration I doubt would honour them in the future, my advice is get onto the airline and demand a cash refund, if you paid by credit card, go to your card company and start a charge back, it will take 60 days to see you’re money back but at least it will be safe”

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