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Total corona virus deaths in UK tracking higher than other countries

A graph tracking numbers of corona virus deaths has been released by Downing Street on Tuesday afternoon.

It clearly shows that UK deaths are much higher than those of other countries such as Italy, Spain and France. The only country showing a higher death rate from corona virus deaths is the USA, with nearly 1 million fatalities so far from the COVID-19 virus. The worrying trend comes on the day when the UK’s official death toll rose by 586 to 21,678. In comparison deaths tolls in Italy (26,977), Spain (23,822) and France (23,293).

Meanwhile Health Secretary Matt Hancock has stated that the UK’s Department of Health will start the correlation of figures from care homes and community deaths in addition to hospital figures released on a daily basis to “gain as much transparency as possible” and “add to our general understanding of how the virus is spreading on a day to day basis”

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