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Trump’s Dumb Dettol Ditty backfires on Twitter

Following Mr Trump’s Dumb comments on “Injecting Disinfectant to cure coronavirus” or getting a super nuclear interior suntan to stay the virus, Twitters tweeters have quickly responded with some witty observations!

Trump’s dumb comments caused even his closest advisers to look on in horror as Trump rambled on with his super cures for coronavirus.

Dettols manufacturing company warned “Not to inject or ingest Disinfectants”

Here’s just a few of Tweeters come backs to Trumps advice:

This orange clown is truly a moron, inject some Cillit Bang and a hour on a sun-bed and boom the virus is gone..

Honestly, two swigs of Cillit Bang and I’ve completely forgotten I had a cough and who my parents are.

“Hi, I’m Barry Scott. If it can clean an old penny, just imagine what it can do for your lungs. Cillit Bang, give it a go …. BANG ! and the virus has gone”

We need to conduct a properly controlled trial, in which one group is injected with Dettol and another is injected with Cillit Bang.

“OK, before the press conference starts, get onto your broker and go big on Domestos, Cillit Bang and Toilet Duck.”

World’s most powerful man wants you to mainline cillit bang on a sunbed

Red Neck Self Immunization Equipment. Cillit Bang primed into the bike pump, inserted where the sun don’t shine (easy access direct to lungs trust me, but I’m not a Doctor) But why the Colander? Protect me against 5G radiation, worn on head at jaunty angle ensures protection!

He should be the first person to try the Cillit Bang injection. BANG and the president is gone.

Spraying Cillit Bang directly into the lungs is fatal – in the short term. But there’s been no research whatsoever into the long term effects.

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